Sarah Zachrich Jeng
Photo: Megan Brown

Sarah Zachrich Jeng is the author of The Other Me, forthcoming from Berkley. As a child, she wrote a story for her dad’s thirty-fifth birthday entitled “The Man Who Died at 35.” As a young adult, she had a brief career as an aspiring rock star before she realized she was terrible at waiting tables and went back to school. Now, she’s a web developer and writer with a love for all things feminist and spooky (not always at the same time). A University of Florida alum, Sarah lives in Florida with her family and an extremely hyper rescue dog.


The Other Me

A Novel

On her 29th birthday, Kelly Holter steps through a door in Chicago and emerges in her Michigan hometown. Suddenly, she’s got twelve years of the wrong memories in her head - including a marriage to a man she barely knew in her old life.

Kelly remembers Eric Hyde as a classmate she lost touch with when she went away to art school. But now she also remembers falling in love with him back in high school and giving up her artistic dreams to be with him. He’s a perfect husband - kind, sexy, attentive - but she can’t shake the feeling that he’s behind the switch.

At first she just wants to get back home. But her search for a way back leads nowhere, and the more she tries to prove her life in Chicago was real, the more she fears she’s losing her mind. She wants to trust Eric, but everything she discovers about him - including a connection to a mysterious tech startup - tells her she shouldn’t. And strange things keep happening. The tattoos she had when she was an artist briefly reappear on her skin, and her relationships to loved ones both new and familiar seem to change without warning. She can’t be sure what’s real - and when that reality might shift beyond recognition.

Kelly fears that if she can’t find out what happened the night of her birthday, the next change could cost her the connections she’s formed in her new life, her identity, even her sanity. More than that, it could affect everyone she loves.



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